Every year as we get deeper into Winter and the rain starts pouring down, I start thinking about how to beat the freeze. Nothing quite compares to cozying up to a warm Fireplace while watching the rain pour down outside! So I found myself browsing gorgeous Fireplaces and would love to share them with you! 

These 7 Fireplaces are unique, creative, and stunning works of art, that also serve a purpose!

If these fireplaces inspire you, Every Home For Sale in the East Bay with a Fireplace!

#1.  The Floating Fireplace

#2. The Monster Mouth Fireplace

#3. Burn a Hole in the Wall Fireplace

#4. The Aquarium Fireplace 

#5. The Multi-Use Fireplace

#6. The Minimalistic Fireplace

#7. The Indoor Fire Pit Fireplace