The tools don’t make the Realtor, but they sure do help. The best tools aren’t just to help your agent make more money or get more listings. They’re meant to help achieve your goals as a buyer or seller. 

If you were given Tiger Woods’ golf clubs, would you be able to play the same game he does? Could you win multiple championships and titles? How about Michael Jordan’s basketball? Would you make basket after basket like he does simply because you used the same ball? 

While superior tools can make or break a game, it’s the skill with which those tools are applied and used that makes the difference between a winner and a loser, a champion and a no-name player history forgets.

 It’s not much different for Realtors®. Okay, maybe we’re not trying to win Olympic medals or break records, but ask any buyer how important their home purchase is, and most will put it ahead of any championship game. The vast majority of real estate professionals have access to the same types of tools to help buy or list property. What sets the best apart from the mediocre is how we use our tools and knowledge. This desire for growth and more knowledge is why I went to Curaytor Excellence Conference.

Thanks to Curaytor’s platform, team, and assistance, I am able to dominate marketing platforms on behalf of my sellers. In the process, more buyers find your listings. This means we get more and better offers and negotiate better outcomes for sellers. With Curaytor’s help, I use technology other agent’s don’t have a clue even exists. 

Are you ready to benefit from what I’ve learned and experienced with Curaytor? 

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